You are closer to the forest by 5, 4, 3, 2… steps. And you are closer to home than you expect.

You are in a small boutique hotel in Brașov, on Str. Cloșca no. 44. A house at the brink of the pine forest, very close to the city centre and near the road that leads to Poiana Brașov.

You have arrived home

The Pines Boutique Villa is a different experience from what you imagine when you think about Brașov.  We want to become your “home” during your stay with us.

Dream in peace

From your room, you can dream about a childhood story with fantastic creatures, the forest, freedom, vanilla cookies and who knows what marvels.

We like stories as well. Especially those with tall evergreen trees. During winter, they glisten full of snow, during summer they filter the sunrays. You see, we have an important thing in common.

The Pines Boutique Villa

6 generous spaces. Two apartments and four rooms. A living room and a covered terrace where you will serve breakfast, listen to music, watch movies while eating home-made cookies.

Because we love nature and design, we used honest materials:  metal, old wood beams, flax and wool. The interiors are functional, clean with simple lines and neutral colours. Out of the big windows you can admire the pine forest or Brasov skyline. And a lot of natural light.

The surroundings

Braşov offers many places to visit: the medieval town with its Black Church, Council Square and the Museum of Urban Civilization, Rope street, Weavers Bastion, Schei Gate, Yekaterina’s Gate, Black Tower, The street behind the Towers.

We recommend an aimless stroll in the old streets of Schei quarter watching the beautiful houses, having a hot tea at Tipografia or Hof Cafe and enjoying the city.

If you are a ski fan, you are at a stone’s throw away from the road leading to Poiana. In Poiana Brasov, there are 12 various difficulty ski slopes. If you want to start skiing or you are a beginner, we recommend Bradul or Stadion slopes and if you are an advanced skier, you can try Postavarul ski slope.