You are basically at home just 2 steps away from the sea and 1 step away from the corn and sunflower fields.

You find yourself at The Pines Villa, a white villa with design interiors approximately 7 minutes away from the seashore in a more secluded part of Vama Veche.

Your home…at the seaside

The vila has 8 generous accommodation areas with a remarkable design: 2 apartments and 2 double rooms. 4 rooms are situated on the first floor with a view of either the corn and sunflower fields or of the sea. 3 of the rooms have suspended terraces. The ground floor spaces, two apartments and 2 double rooms have a private comfortable yard each. Every accommodation area has individual bathroom with shower, bed with comfortable mattress, extendable couch, TV, WiFi.

Serenity now

The rooms are serene and combine elements of Nordic design with handmade Moroccan pieces and natural textures. Breakfast is served in a breezy lounge decorated in the same spirit, a place designed to host family moments and friends’ reunions. The courtyard offers shade, comfortable furniture and a pool.

Normally the rooms are rented on a 3 night minimum basis. A 2 nights rental is possible in less crowded periods.

Vama Veche

From cosy evenings with your friends on the beach to all night parties,  no matter how you like to spend your time, Vama Veche is a match for you.

Vama Veche is an small fisherman’s village turned into one of the liveliest summer resorts Romania has to offer. From a place of gathering of the elites back in the 60’s, after the 90’s Vama Veche became increasingly more popular. The new buildings and shops intertwined with the village atmosphere make up for an eclectic spot unique in the world.

During daytime we recommend you just enjoy the quiet atmosphere on the beach or browse the hand-made shops on the main street.